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HuaChang Technology

Xi’an huachang metallurgical technology Co,. Ltd. -is a professional team for design and production metallurgical equipments. After 20 years of hundreds of sets of equipment design and manufacturing, HC accumulated extensive experience, meanwhile, in the equipment improvement process, applied and obtained a number of new product design patents.

1. Avoiding electrode broken system

The problem of electrode broken is a terrible trouble. The liquid smelted what the electrode broken falls into will be added carbon to result in unqualified.

By the avoiding electrode broken system, more than 90% of risk like these will be reduced.

2. A new type of electrode lifting automatically control system

It is often used for ferroalloy smelting furnace, is controller automatically, accurately and conveniently than before it has.

By this system, the arc will be make fastly at working.

    3. Furnace tilt on idler wheel

Tilting on idler wheel, is a new type of furnace tilting, which can reduce the horizontal displacement of the taping spout when tapping, so that the ladle need not move with the tapping spout, so as to undertake molten steel and achieve steel slag separation. 

4. Multi-pouring Equipment

Multi-pouring Equipment enables a single ladle molten steel pouring many times, in theory, the times of molten steel pouring is unlimited without temperature drop of molten steel, which fully meet the requirements of one ladle molten steel pouring dozens of castings, regardless of different size castings.

5.Crucible Cleaning Machine

It is a specialized machine for Crucible inner cleaning, which get the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low cost, good effect.