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Spare Parts & Consumables

  • Ladle

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    Ladle is the container of molten steel, otherwise, it is the furnace shall of ladle furnace. so the design of ladle is very important on rationality.Read More

  • Conductive Cross Arms

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    Conductive Cross Arms

    Reduce the power consumption by structure reasonably. That temperature reduced by structure reasonably and cooling water enough could reduce the electrical resistance. The strength of arm is promoted by box-type structure, which advantage stabilized arc.Read More

  • Water-cooled Cable

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    Water-cooled Cable

    Water cooled cable is used for electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace, induction furnace etc.Read More

  • Electrode Holder

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    Electrode Holder

    performance safely, structure reasonably, operation convenientlyRead More

  • Busbar

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    Supplying high quality busbar which by calculating dependent on the condition of the furnace.Read More

  • Refractory

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    Supplying refractory for smelting furnace which uesd for diferent products smelting.Read More

  • Graphite Electrode

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    Graphite Electrode

    IP,UP,HUP be supply with high quality.Read More

  • Furnace Roof

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    Furnace Roof

    The furnace roof is a important device for the furnace, which may be refractory-lined or water-cooled, and can be shaped as a section of a sphere,or as a frustum (conical section). The roof also supports the refractory delta in its centre, through which one or more graphite electrodes enter.Read More

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