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  • EAF / Electric arc furnace

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    EAF / Electric arc furnace

    Low power consumption
    Safety & Stability
    Low electrode consumes
    High flexibility & Maximum simplicity of operation
    High arc forming efficiency
    Diversified dust removal system
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  • Ferroalloy smelting furnace

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    Ferroalloy smelting furnace

    Ferroalloy smelting furnace is used for smelting SiFe, MnFe, MnSi, CrFe, NiFe, FeV, SiCa, etc.
    It is expert furnace for products of middle and low-carbon.
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  • Submerged arc furnace

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    Submerged arc furnace

    Submerged Arc Furnace is used for many kinds of ferroalloy smelting, including Ferrotungsten, High-carbon Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, Ferronickel and Silicon, Calcium Carbide, Corundum, Yellow Phosphorous, etc.
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  • IF / Induction furnace

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    IF / Induction furnace

    (1) Less volume, lighter weight, high efficiency and less power consumption.
    (2) Lower temperature, less dust around the furnace.
    (3) Simple operation, reliable and stable melting.
    (4) Uniform temperature, less burning loss, uniform metal composition.
    (5) Rapidly...
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  • Ladle Furnace

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    Ladle Furnace

    Ladle refining furnace belongs to the secondary refining equipment, which typically to be used follows the primary melting furnace.
    1. Low power consumption;
    2. Optimized structure, Low failure rate, limited investment;
    3. Safety & Stability;
    4. High flexibility & Maximum...
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  • VD / VOD / Vacuum oxygen decarburization Furnace

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    VD / VOD / Vacuum oxygen decarburization Furnace

    VD furnace is used for removing [O],[H],[N],[S],and impurity.
    VOD furnace has the capacity of VD, and it can be used for removing [C] element.
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  • Pit Furnace

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    Pit Furnace

    Range temperature : 950°C~1300°C ; Temperature Uniformity : < 5℃Read More

  • Batch-type Furnace

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    Batch-type Furnace

    Range temperature: 950°C~1300°C ; Temperature Uniformity: < 5℃Read More

  • Bogie Hearth Furance

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    Bogie Hearth Furance

    bogie hearth furnace can be uesd for annealing, tempering, hardening, etc. temperature max: 1300 ℃ temperature uniformity: ±5 ℃Read More

  • Furnace Transformer

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    Furnace Transformer

    Transformer Characteristic: Efficiently; Low noise; Low partial discharge; Higher-quality; Operation reliability; Longevity; Pretty outline and compact structureRead More

  • Multi-pouring equipment

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    Multi-pouring equipment

    Multi-pouring Equipment,-is one of our patented product, is a casting auxiliary equipment that can be used for pouring many times by single ladle.Read More

  • Wire-feeding Equipment

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    Wire-feeding Equipment

    Wire-feeding Equipment is a important equipment in refining furnace if you want to got the higher quality products, which is used for element adjustment by the wire what is fed correspondingly.Wire-feeding Equipment often be set behind the process of ladle refining furnace(LF).Read More

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