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70t Electric Ar Furnace Transformer Successfully Arrived Customer Job-site

     Electric arc furnace transformer core is made of laminated silicon steel sheet, the core column cross section for the multi-level, iron yoke is rectangular into a glyph-shaped. Transformer coil is high and low voltage cross arrangement, mounted on the same paper tube, the high pressure for the "△" shaped connection, the general leads to six heads, in order to change the connection outside the box, low pressure out of the copper out of the box. Electric arc furnace transformer regulator is divided into on-load regulator and no excitation voltage regulator two. On-load voltage of the arc furnace transformer without series reactor. The structure of the arc furnace transformer without excitation voltage is divided into two types: series reactor and no series reactor. These two structures can change the impedance at the highest secondary voltage, while the latter is to change the arc furnace transformer itself to change the impedance of high-voltage winding connection.

  electric arc furnace transformer.jpgtransformer.jpgelectric arc furnace transformer.jpg   transformer.jpg

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